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Our Story

Koskal Ltd is a Private Limited Company committed to sustainable projects and agricultural-related business like the industrialisation and trading of certain agricultural produce. The company officially started operations in 2021, with the headquarters suited in Ghana, West Africa. Our operations and projects are handled by a highly trained and experienced project delivery team and industry experts. Our team works efficiently to respond to the changes in the industry, maximising opportunities while maintaining the standards that will ensure stakeholders benefit realisation. We take pride in providing sustainable and quality products that fulfil the clients' requests. We currently manage hundreds of acres of farmland to ensure the quality of agricultural produce and comply with all business and agricultural regulations and requirements while collaborating with local populations, engaging them in farming operations and creating job opportunities during the projects. Koskal provides our staff with ongoing training in industry practices, safety, and various programs. The purpose is to provide the highest quality of service and products at reasonable rates to aid our clients in increasing and maintaining high standards as they meet their objectives. With a short chain of command, we can implement excellently and in a well-timed manner.

Our Vision

To be one of the leaders in
manufacturing and export
healthy industrialised
agricultural products,
specialising in economic
alternatives and nutritional

Our Mission

Koskal's mission is to develop and produce healthy agricultural produce while assuring quality and sustainable supply, thereby creating value for our stakeholders and customers locally and globally, helping them maintain and increase productivity, reduce costs and minimise risks.

Our Objectives

· To utilise quality crop production technologies and innovative processes to maximise the output of raw materials.
· To process and market quality products adhering to international standards and affordable pricing while meeting customer needs on time.

Our Core Values

The ability to feed the future is vested in the proper conservation of the land and environment we live in. Sustained processes and consideration of the health of the land and environment will always be a focus of Koskal.

Provide service and products to the local and international communities by creating a reliable market with high-quality agricultural products that satisfy both consumers and manufacturers.

Agriculture is a people business. Koskal strives to connect small farmers in the industry to share knowledge, resources and develop together, creating an alternative source of income.